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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  August 12, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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sinkhole, but like an earthquake, they cannot predict when or where one will open up. >> the open sinkholes may open other sink holes. >> reporter: trigger them? >> yes, it's possible. because these are connected undergroun, again, by the same limestone cavity and cave structures. >> reporter: 20% of the nation is susceptible. other likely locations for sinkholes, pennsylvania, tennessee and utah. in florida in march, a sinkhole 30 feet wide and 50 feet deep opened up swallowing 36-year-old jeff bush from his bedroom. his body was never recovered. here in clermont, florida, 15 hours later, survivors are still anxious. >> i'm still in shock and just very, very thankful. >> reporter: lester, the sinkhole right now is about 100 feet wide about 15 feet deep they guess as looking down there. the likelihood of something like this is being struck by lightning, which, as we know, can also happen. >> we've seen them before, kery.
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sounds like a bit of a guessy game. what can home owners do or know ob going into a neighborhood that's at risk? >> reporter: get a geological survey too look down there. a situation that's constantly changing depending on the rain situation. even the bubbles don't necessarily tell thru is going to be a catastrophic collapse. one thing everybody needs, sinkhole insurance. >> kerry sanders, yes. and one of america's most wanted, mob boss james "whitey" bulger has been convicted of being involved in a string of murders and other crimes after a trial that riveted the city of boston and much of the nation. nbc's kristen dahlgren is at the federal courthouse. good evening. >> reporter: pg good evening, lester. yeah, a day many here in boston thought would never come. nearly two decades after james "whitey" bulger went on the lam, today a federal jury here found
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him guilty of being involved in a string of gang crimes including 11 murders. crowds swarmed boston's federal courthouse this afternoon, inside after more than 32 hours of deliberations jurors returned to a packed courtroom announcing the fate of whitey bulger, one of boston's most notorious mobsters. the jury found him guilty of dozens of crimes including conspiracy, racketeering and playing a role in 11 murders. >> the day of reckoning for bulger has been a long time in coming. >> reporter: tom donohue whose father was killed more than three decades ago was among the family members present throughout the trial. >> wily bulger pretty much almost destroyed my family in every category. >> reporter: jurors decided the evidence showed bulger was involved in 11 of 19 murders, not involved in 7 and couldn't agree on one. the death of 26-year-old debra davis. >> my family has to live with
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this every day and the rest of the families with the fact they lost a loved one. >> reporter: as today's verdict was read the 83 defendant showed no reaction. a stark contrast to the seven-week trial filled with explosive, profanity laced explosives, dramatic testimony from his longtime associate including stephen the rifleman fleming and john the executioner mar marchiano. >> mr. bulger knew as soon as he was arrested he was going to die behind the walls of a prison. >> reporter: bulger went on the lam in 1994 evading law enforcement 16 years and ending up on the fbi's most wanted list. authorities caught up with him two years ago outside a santa monica apartment, also discovering weapons and more than $800,000 in cash. >> james bulger was that gangster who finally saw justice. i think some families are waiting for a little bit more, though. >> reporter: yes, and sentencing
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is set for mid-november but with bulger turning 84 next month, it's likely any way you cut it he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. meantime, many families are still seeking restitution and still angry bulger committed many of these crimes while allegedly works an an fbi informant, lester. >> thank you. the justice department is rethinking how it tries some drug cases. attorney general eric holder saying those mandatory minimum sentences are not reducing crime and leading to overcrowded prisons. he's telling federal prosecutors to use discretion in certain cases. our justice correspondent pete williams has our report. >> reporter: natasha darington had no criminal record when arrested for herping her husband sell cocaine. she got mandatory sentence serving 11 years in prison away from her four children. >> i wasn't there to help them grow up. i missed their birthdays, high school congratulations, i missed the birth of my first grandchild. i missed the funerals of both of
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my parents. >> reporter: the attorney general today said too many americans get long prison sentences that don't fit the crime. >> -- out-sized unnecessarily large prison population, we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, to deter and to rehabilitate, but not merely to warehouse and to forget. >> reporter: the number of inmates in federal prisons, 219,000, is 8 time what's it was 30 years ago and 40% over capacity. nearly half of there for drug crimes and roughly one-fourth of them were low-level offenders. holder today directed federal prosecutors not to report the amount of drugs involved in an arrest if it would trigger mandatory minimums for non-violent offenders who have no ties to drug cartels organics and who did not sell to children. welcome news to advocates of doing away with automatic sentences. >> your punishments are far too harsh for the crime or particular offender, and the judge has no choice but to
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impose that. >> reporter: a former head of the u.s. drug enforcement agency says cutting back on mandatory sentences takes away a bargaining chip. >> there's no mandatory minimum that they have to face, the prosecutors and the agents lose leverage for getting more information and getting to the top of the organization. >> reporter: the attorney general hopes to get mandatory drug sentences entirely off the books. an idea that's starting to attract bipartisan support in congress. nbc news, at the justice department. tonight a federal judge has come down hard in one of the most controversial police tactics in the country. ordering changes to new york city's so-called stop and frisk policy. the judge said it unfairly targets large numbers of minorities stopped by police with no good reason to suspect them of a crime. supporters say it's an important crime-fighting tool that has brought violent crime down to historic lows. nbc's stephanie gosk is in times square tonight with more.
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>> reporter: good evening. crime continues to drop here in new york city, including here in times square. mayor bloomberg is saying the policy of stop and frisk, bhaut he calls good policing other people are calling racial profiling and those people tonight want a big legal victory. mayor michael bloomberg says the city of new york has become the poster child for fightin crime. >> today we have fewer guns, fewer shootings and fewer homicides. >> reporter: but today a federal judge called the nypd's policy of stop, question and frisk unconstitutional. the practice allowed police officers to stop and search anyone acting suspiciously. in a nearly 200-page decision the judge said the city adopted a policy of indirect racial profiling. those who are routinely subjected to stops are overwhelmingly people of color, and they are justifiably troubled to be singled out. statistics presented in court
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show between 2004 and 2012 there were 4.43 million stops. 52% were black suspects. 31% were hispanics. but the city argued during the trial that those numbers are a reflection of crime statistics, not racial profiling. >> we do not engage in racial profiling, and it is prohibited by law and it is prohibited by our own regulations. >> reporter: the rule sdg not outlaw stop and frisk altogether but it calls for a number of changes including an independent monitor of the nypd and a requirement that some officers wear video cameras to record stops. critics of stop and frisk still want it. >> people we've talked with agree being stop and frisk reported a feeling of humiliati humiliation, almost an alien in your own community. being an eternal suspect always suspected of being a criminal. >> reporter: bloomberg is not backing down from the fight. >> the public are not experts as
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policing. personal i i would rather have ray kelly decide how to keep my family safe. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg says he did not get a fair trial with this judge and they're going to appeal. you can bet mayors across the country will watch the case very closely. >> steph li gosk in times square, thank. in colorado tonight worries about flash floods continue after a weekend filled with dramatic rescues. one woman is still missing after mudslides and raging floods tore through a suburb outside colorado springs killing at least one person. several others were injured. tonight, nine women and seven men in new jersey have come forward to collect a share of one of the biggest powerball jackpots ever. the ocean 16 as there being called are a group of 16 public employees who work in a county garage in the jersey shore that worked around the clock during hurricane sandy. they bought one of three winning fix for the $448 million prize. together they split a lump sum of $86 million.
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each getting just under $4 million after taxes. still ahead tonight, inside a dramatic rescue in the mountain, a feeling that something wasn't right. strangers being hailed as heroes for helping to take down a kidnapper. later, a new way to travel. faster than ever. no planes, no trains, no automobiles involved. a big idea from a billionaire with a track record. am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma, or cannot empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz.
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>> reporter: returning to san diego. >> the healing process will be slow. she has been through a tremendous, horrific ordeal. >> reporter: hannah and kidnapping suspect james dimaggio were spotted saturday by surveillance plane at a desolate campsite. the area was so remote it took fbi hostage teams more than two hours to reach them. >> dimaggio had a rifle, and then he fired at least one round prior to being shot and killed. >> reporter: hannah was flown from the scene to safety. >> she was a victim in this case. not a willing participant and under extreme duress. >> reporter: hannah didn't know her mother tina and 8-year-old brother ethan were murdered until after she was rescued. dimaggio, a close family friend, killed them, set his house on fire and kidnapped hannah. the big break came fwhens idaho's back country. >> for us to be there at the precise time to interact with them, it's, one chance in a trillion. >> reporter: two couples were riding horses when they stumbled
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upon dimaggio and hannah, not knowing at the time who they were. >> well, when i seen her, she had a fearful look in her eyes. and -- that put up a red flag for me. >> reporter: that friday, investigators found dimaggio's blue nissan shroulded by brush and debris. by saturday the car was towed for analysis just at the manhunt came to an end. >> some of of you might find the amber ay lert annoying, please, pay attention. keep your eyes op. let's bring those children home. >> reporter: the sheriff here in san diego says he will not discuss any details about what happened during hannah's abduction as law enforcement continues its investigation into the events of the past week. lester? >> joe fryer, thanks. up next tonight, a big controversy brewing and concern for the safety of olympic athletes and visitors just six months until the games begin. with the spark cash card
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delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers. the postal service is recording financial losses, but not for reasons you might think. the problem? a burden no other agency or company bears. a 2006 law that drains $5 billion a year from post office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it.
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the winter olympics in sochi, russia, are just about six months away, and there are growing controversial over anti-gay laws in that country raising concerns about human rights and the safety of gay people visiting russia. also gay athletes. the international olympic committee is now getting involved asking questions of the russian government. we get our report tonight from nbc's michelle kosinski in moscow. >> reporter: right now, russia is on display hosting the world track and field championships. >> the city of sochi. >> reporter: putting on a dazzling show to help win the upcoming winter games in sochi. a stark contrast to the response gannering now around the world. angry protests, europe to the u.s. >> no more russian vodka! >> reporter: celebrities and world leaders reacting with disgust to a russian law
6:49 pm
unanimously passed in parliament that allows for firns and arrests over anything deemed gay propaganda displayed in front of children. >> so how will this be enforced? does this really mean if someone was waving a rainbow flag or peacefully demonstrating? talking to young people about their life, they could be arrested? apparently, yes. activists nikolai calmed it frightening. >> they can't do this. this very law is against openly gay people. >> reporter: there have been arrests here as protests that for some is a olympic boycott. some disagree, greg louganis, gay, shut out of the 1980 games in moscow after the u.s. and others boy cocotted over the sot invasion in afghanistan. >> i was world champion. i thought that that opportunity was taken away from me. >> reporter: he and others say
6:50 pm
the best way to combat human rights policies here is for athletes to compete and win. michelle kosinski, nbc news, moscow. when we come back here tonight, a billionaire's big secret revealed, and it could change the way we travel forever. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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back now with what was one of the biggest talkers of the day. the proposal by veteran entrepreneur to revolutionize the way we travel faster and cheaper. he was up all night working on the design before he released it today. after anyone else, the world probably wouldn't notice, but this is ilan musk. nbc's tom costello reports. >> reporter: what if going from point a to point b quickly no longer involved plane, trains, or automobiles? >> bye! >> reporter: think "the jetsons." not jets. one of the world's most invisionary auentrepreneurs say it's no longer fiction. and l.a. to san francisco in just 30 minutes. may sound crazy but consider
6:54 pm
ilan muvg's track record. the 42-year-old billionaire invented the battery car, the first to document a rocket with a space station. his idea has passengers traveling on a magnetic levitation system inside airless low pressure tubes similar to those used by drive-through bank tellers. only passengers travel up to 700 miles per hour. meanwhile, a colorado company calmed et d-3 has been working this for years. >> if there's a concerted effort to do it, that route can be built in a year or two. >> reporter: even if it worked, lining up the financing and clearing the regulatory hurdle would make the project impossible, at least in the near term. on the other hand, this is ilan musk we're talking about. the inspiration for the iron man's tony stark character. the iron man suit sits on the factory floor. >> can you save the world? save the country? >> i'll do my best.
6:55 pm
you know. working pretty hard to do some good here. >> reporter: musk says he doesn't have time to actually build hyperloop and is hoping others will make his dream become reality. tom costello, nbc news, washington. that's our broadcast for this monday night. thank you forebei being with us. i'm lester holt if nor brian. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night.
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"glee's" lea michele in tears. >> i want to dedicate this award to cory. >> the cory necklace, her weepy
6:57 pm
tribute to her dead boyfriend. >> he became part of our hearts. then, kris jenner, visits president obama? >> the president of the united states criticized my daughter. >> why she's going after the president for what he said about her daughter kim kardashian. and the simon cowell scandal. he's with a boatful of babes, without his pregnant mistress. >> he's reportedly paying $20,000 a month to put her up in this luxury highrise. jfk assasination mystery solved, the grave next to lee harvey oswald? and the kidnapping case rivetting the nation. she's safe now. >> and the bizarre twist, his dad was also accused of kidnapping. >> like father, like son? plus, oprah and the $38,000 handbag controversy. you won't believe what some women would pay to get their hands on one of these.
6:58 pm
now, "inside edition," in high definition, with deborah norville. hello, everybody, and thank you for joining us. the tv show "glee" won a teen choice award for best comedy this weekend, but star lea michele was in tears on stage as she saluted her late boyfriend and co-star cory monteith. it was her first public appearance since he passed away from a heroin overdose. >> i wanted to dedicate this award to cory. >> a heartbreaking moment at sunday night's teen choice awards as "glee" star lea michele breaks down crying over her late co-star and boyfriend, cory monteith. >> he was very special to me. and also to the world. and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent. his handsome smile. and his beautiful, beautiful heart. >> monteith died at age 31. she wore a necklace with his name on itfought back tears
6:59 pm
and she accepted her award for best actress in a comedy. >> i wanted to personally thank all of you and tell everyone out there how much all of your love and support has meant to me. over these past difficult few weeks. >> moments earlier the cast of "glee" minus lea came on stage to accept the award for best comedy. cast members jenna and amber paid tribute. >> cory was like a brother to us, like a dad. >> on behalf of our brother and cast mate we know cory would have wanted to dedicate this award to you guys. >> nobody expected to see lea which is why everyone was shocked when she was announced as the winner of the very next prize. >> the teen choice tv actress comedy is lea michele! >> and walked out to accept it. cast members hugged her and her heartfelt tribute to her boyfriend is hailed by her


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